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Equipe Pédagogique :
Isabelle BLOCH
Gaël" title="www.enst.fr/~grichard/">Gaël">www.enst.fr RICHARD
Hichem SAHBI

Niveau : Graduate

Langue du cours : Anglais

Nombre d'heures : 20

Crédits ECTS : 3
SI393 Indexation Multimedia (TPT17)
Ressources Pédagogiques :
Multimedia deals with sounds, images, videos and texts. Considering their growing number in our today lives (music/television records, personal photographies, web search, …) , it is urgent to develop efficient automatic processing to organize these documents, get information about their content and be able to easily retrieve them.

During the “Multimedia indexing and retrieval” week, you will discover state-of-the-art techniques concerning multimedia document management. You will also be able to criticize the proposed approaches and develop your own one.

The week is continuously balanced between highy technical conferences and active learning courses (group projects, practice, discussions).
The first day will be dedicated to generalities and classification tools. Groups and projects will be defined during this day.
Then each morning of the week is dedicated to a conference about: sound processing, image indexing and retrieval, video processing and EXALEAD point of view. These conferences are delivered by international experts; they will provide you with problematic and solution related to their own media, based on state-of-the-art technologies and research.

Afternoons are dedicated to discussions, projects and practices. This will be the occasion to go in deeper details on specific subjects according to your group interest. Practices on classification, sound and image indexing, relevance feedback will be proposed. TELECOM ParisTech multimedia mining platform PLATO will be presented.

The last afternoon will be used for evaluations and concluding discussions.

Modalités d'évaluation : Oral presentations of the group projects and written reports will be used to evaluate the students work.

Dernière mise à jour : Thursday 27 August 2015

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