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Within the framework of the international competition between establishments of superior education(teaching), ParisTech threw(launched) in November, 2003 an ambitious aiming project, to take up the challenge of PUT and giving free of charge to most large number the knowledges distributed in the 11 member schools " ParisTech Libres Savoirs ". For it ParisTech proposes on its site ParisTech Graduate School, the free and direct access in the educational resources.

A major evolution, realized in December, 2008, allows now the project " ParisTech Libres Savoirs " to articulate, from ten main fields of scientific expertise of ParisTech, on one hand Open Course Ware and PhD texts and on the other hand the homogeneous institutional display of all the Credits, Training programs and Books written by the professors.

This website constitutes the contribution of TELECOM PARISTECH to the project " ParisTech Libres Savoirs ".


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Project "ParisTech Libres Savoirs" is Open Course Ware Consortium member since 2006.


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TELECOM ParisTech is part of the project Institut TELECOM Savoirs Partagés.

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The french region Ile-de-France supports the ParisTech Graduate School project since 2007.


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